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The Paediatric Unit is generally believed to be one of the nicest and best units that you can ever be or work in, especially if you have been taking care of all the children out there. Most of us even wonder how the nurses in the Paediatric Unit actually get out of their shifts alive as it does lead them with enough of tiredness. And we all do know how difficult it is to work with children, but of course it can be very fulfilling kind of a process at the end of the day. Given below are the five major signs that tell you are a funny paediatric nurse.

You listen for bears and drums: They aren’t abdominal and heart sounds but “bears” and “drums”. You as a paediatric nurse get to see to it that they get to listen to your bears and drums first before you listen to theirs.

You are pray for poop: Yes you read it right, you are praying for poop. As a paediatric nurse it is important that you even count on the urine output in a day which will be around 0.5cc’s increments. You actually continue to pray for poop so much that you even get obsess about the poop’s colour, its consistency and the last but the least the amount.

Prizes are something that always ready: As a paediatric nurse you are always ready to give out prizes and rewards to all those kids who are doing well when it comes to their health. It would seem like Christmas for them each and every day; with you giving away everything to them you can imagine giving thinks starting from stickers, pens to alcohol wipes and saline flushes making them happy!

Being an expert when it comes to time management: And when it comes to expert here it would here mean having your lunch within just fifteen minutes of their time. You as a paediatric do know that your time is very important; because it is important you do know it is your duty to take care of little kids who can sometimes be very energetic even when they are sick.

Tapes are actually your best friend: You actually come forward and do all those things that will prevent the kids from pulling out the IV Cannula, so it is important that you always carry around tapes along with you. An entire roll of tape could never be enough for you to deal with them!
So what other funny signs would you like to the blog post above? Leave your comments below and we would be happy to add them above.

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