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Day Spa - Full Body Massage Centre in Ludhiana for Men near me. +91 9718775747 Choose the massage therapy that suits you best

There are dozens of different massage therapies. Each one fulfills a function that goes beyond making you feel good and relax. However, there are styles that benefit different populations given that they focus on specific needs. Here are six of the most well-known therapies and to whom it is addressed:

Swedish massage

Known as a relaxing massage. It is performed with movements and gentle and slow manipulations with the purpose of promoting muscle relaxation. The level of relaxation can be so high that the person can fall asleep on the massage table. They can receive babies, children, adults and the elderly.

Deep tissue massage

It is a firm pressure therapy, since it is used to eliminate adhesions in the muscles and take it to its optimal condition. A strong pressure level is used within what is tolerable by the client. The therapist uses their hands, knuckles, forearms, elbows and body weight to achieve better results.

It can be a therapy leave sensitivity in the most worked areas for 24 to 48 hours. After that, the client feels better. It is ideal for people who practice exercises, as well as individuals who have a high level of tolerance to pain.

Sport massage

It is done before and after a sport and as maintenance between events. It is a short-term therapy: 15 minutes before the sporting event and 10 minutes after the sporting event. The purpose of the predeportive massage is to promote relaxation and circulation at the muscular level and activate the lymphatic system to prepare the athlete to achieve greater performance. At the end of the event, slower and longer manipulations are performed to relax the muscle without overstressing it. Ideal for athletes and people who train more than three times a week.

Massage with stretching

The therapist stretches the client's lower and upper extremities, as well as the back. It is a preparation for massage; it also serves to evaluate the range of movement of the client and possible restrictions of movement as a consequence of accumulated tension. They are made especially in therapeutic massage; deep and sporty fabric. Excellent for people who work long time sitting; they work standing up for long hours and individuals with high levels of accumulated tension.

Address: Malhar Cinema Rd, Ludhiana, Punjab - 141013

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