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All You Need To Know About Heat Sink Compound
Heat Sink Compound is widely used in many IT companies and preferred more in technology companies in India. This effective cleaner is also known as Thermal compound, thermal gel, thermal interface material or thermal paste. These are commonly used as an interface between heat sinks and heat sources that is high power and semiconductor devices. Being very effective the main function of thermal paste is to eliminate air gaps or other spaces from the surface area in order to increase or maximize the heat transfer.
This thermal paste does not add any mechanical strength, but is a very high conductive paste used between two objects to get it better with heat conditioning. It fills in all those microscopic imperfections on the surface of CPU /GPU trap which lowers the heat sink functions.
How to Use Thermal Paste?
Here are some wonderful tips to success your application on CPU or Laptop. Like whenever you install a heat sink, you should always apply thermal paste. With the application of thermal paste the heatsink works more suitably in CPU or in Laptop.
1. You can just drop paste till it is sufficient for the surface and spread over
2. Apply the Thermal Paste on the surface of Heatsink with using a paper or other long pen material to spread over
What is Heatskink?
Heatsink is a passive heat exchanger widely installed in many PC’s and Laptops that transfers the heat generated by electronic or any other mechanical device to fluid medium, it can be air or liquid coolant where it is dissipated away from the device. This often allows the device to be at optimal levels.
Know the types of Thermal Paste
Metal based
• Ceramic Based
• Metal Based
• Silicon Based

From all of these, metal based TIM’s are the most popular once and have the best performance for heatsink. These pastes have a lot of little metal particles in the grease that have high thermal conductivity. One disadvantages of this type of paste is it also is used as electrical conductive which may cause problem now or later.
How thermal paste does help Heatsink?
Thermal paste is a 100% high heat conductive paste that is used exactly between two objects (most of the time heatsink and a CPU/GPU) to get the best heat conduction for any computer or a laptop device. These pastes are filled in microscopic levels on the heatsink surface where it can trap air in them and cause a successful loss in the heatsink’s performance. Since air is a very poor conductor of heat Air is a very poor conductor of heat, Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) can be 100 times beneficial for it is the best conductor for heat. One can easily buy Heat Sink Compound Online!

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