The Papery Onions by Nishikant

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"A thing is never untold. It is always misperceived." The book, like each one of us, has been on its own adventure of disclosure and explorations. The Papery Onions explains with simplicity the law that is governing all the lives and offers the knowledge of how to create - deliberately and effortlessly - a blissful life. This book depicts the relationships and values associated with them. Sometimes there comes a situation where your mind and your heart battles for the same thing. It doesn't matter how much your heart beseeches or strives towards that, your mind thistles each of your efforts. It's like, 'the whats', 'the whys', and 'the how's' in your life have got more an incentive than your happiness. You feel vulnerable. The situations have made you destitute of chances to blow freely. Yet at the same time, what you do is you grow silent. And being quiet becomes the primary locus of Pain. This is a book about determination. About perseverance. About love. About life. And about every one of us. Whether it is love, awfulness, disappointment, failure, rejection or anything, we always have a perception. This book mold those experiences and encounters in a different form of storytelling. Now for the first time in history, all the pieces of paper meet up in a revelation that is life- transforming for all who encounter it. This is what "The Papery Onions" is all about.

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