5 ways in which HR can use HRTech to simplify their daily tasks

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The world today is witnessing several changes in all sectors across all verticals and all aspects of life, especially technological changes. While technology is being developed every second of the day, it is impacting the way processes work. Modernization has led to the innovation of systems that are used to provide ease and comfort in carrying out day-to-day activities. Who would’ve known that one day we will have access to virtual assistants who will perform tasks for us by just saying out your command out loud? Today we are in the position to transfer funds to someone with just one click. Advancements have been made to streamline and simplify processes in the field of human resources. This industry underwent a metamorphosis and now has become hrtech. Then why not leverage the systems developed under hrtech to benefit the hrs and aid them to simplify their daily tasks.

• Automated recruitment – The process of recruitment can be quite tricky and sometimes excruciating. Keeping that in mind, several automated recruitment solutions have been developed that not assist in carrying out recruitment activities but also make them seamless. There are softwares that offer a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from features to attract talent, to publish jobs, source and sort out resumes, collaborate with candidates in real-time to onboarding new employees. These features are intuitive yet easy-to-use.
• Psychometric Assessments – The internet has revealed all the traditional interview questions and assessment tests to the world. Everyone today browses frequently asked questions and prepares themselves before going to an interview. Judging somebody’s attitude and personality is a huge task. Misjudging a candidate can cause the company bucks. Therefore, something more robust was needed to overcome this barrier. That is when psychometric assessments came into the picture. These tests are used to measure the mental capacity and provide insights into behavioral elements that make a person fit or unfit for the said role. Nowadays, some psychometric tests are gamified to increase engagement.
• Onboarding software - Onboarding new employees is one of the most essential and tiresome processes for the hr department. The documentation itself takes a lot of time and effort. To help with that, there are several onboarding softwares that are available in the market. These softwares take care of the documentation as well as provide new-joiners with a satisfying web-based joining experience by sending them invitations and following up with them using reports and statistics.
• Human Capital Management System – Managing any capital can be risky. But it is also very important. This process is responsible for managing and seamlessly carrying out the processes that provide the employees with satisfaction and in turn lead to high returns for the company. Human Capital Management Systems help you with the maintenance of the workforce while making sure that everyone on board is complying with all the rules and regulations. Abiding by the law is something that needs to be monitored by the hr. These systems carry out several functions easily.
• End-to-End solutions – hrtech has gifted the hrs of the industry with end-to-end hr solutions that conduct all the activities that need to be carried out to maintain an obstacle-free workflow. These solutions will allow you to store documents, create custom profiles, organize charts, track time, mark calendar, maintain the company’s feed, monitor salary workflow and many more. They are highly flexible and can be customized all the while being quite secure. Cloud-based solutions are also available.

Hrtech is a boon for the companies and their managers only if they keep themselves well-informed and updated with the current trends. This field has so much to offer and yet leaves scope for innovation. These offerings should be leveraged to not only get a competitive advantage but also to make our work lives simpler. It is for our benefit and should be utilized to its full potential.

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