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Get 3D printed figure of yourself from iKix My3D

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Creating a 3D portrait of yourself with iKix My3D Prints
The possibilities for development of 3d graphics are boundless. Your attire and ambiance on the hologram could be represented as you like. Would you like to look younger, prettier and luxurious? Everything is possible!
In July 2018, iKix My3D Prints stated developing a 3D portrait of human beings, My3d Prints is one of the branches of iKix 3D Prints. iKix 3D Printings is a totally architectural 3D printing service provider in Chennai from 2005, iKix is one of the leading enterprises for 3D visualization & modeling solutions for Architecture, Engineering, Education, Jewellery, Healthcare sectors. Headquartered in Chennai with the main aim of enhancing design communication. With more than 300 projects in India and overseas, iKix has been able to significantly contribute to increasing the overall efficiency of design communication within our customer groups.
3D figurines of image Process:
3D figurines of yourself or 3D figurines of image process start from a designing of the body in an image by using ‘Zbrush’ tool. Neither this part of work nor the search for similarities took the biggest part of the time. The ordinary modeling and sculpting were done quickly. In order to achieve photorealism (photographic accuracy), we have to spend hundreds of hours on rendering test. More than 80% of workflow looked as follows: I changed one of the options, e.g. skin shader (subsurface skin), clicked “fragment render”, waited, saw the result, changed another option, clicked “fragment render” etc. gradually, a portrait was completed. After designing, our designer will send 3D figurines to the printing area with a blueprint. For more details
Make a call to +91 – 7824878248/+91 – 8939868664
Mail us: ikix@my3d.in
Learn more at https://www.my3d.in/3d-figurine-shop.jsp

For more: https://www.my3d.in/3d-figurine-shop.jsp
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Ikix My3d Prints Ikix My3d Turn Your 2d Pictures Into 3d Selfies. We Design, Create And Print 3d Figures Of You And Your Loved Ones (including Your Pets!) That You Can