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Welcome to FERRETERRO India:

Through use of superior design,
quality materials and attention to details ,
we at FERRETERRO have raised product performance to a new level.
We work closely with customers to learn their operating conditions
and prerequisites to solve lifting challenges and diverse cargo handling needs.
We offer complete solutions tailored to individual customer needs,
including inspections, education, certifications and maintenance services.
Manufacturers in India for synthetic lifting slings upto 3500 Tons break capacity.
Ratchet lashing, hooks, buckles, dunnage bags, one way lashing, Elebia hooks,
First Sling, Transparent sling, Dyneema Slings, Shackles, Crocodile clamps,Round Slings,
WEBBING SLING ,Chain Slings,Bag Slings,marshall sling,polyester multileg sling,
polyester Slings,Slingset Webbing Sling ,Lifting Sling Flat Polyester,antistatic sling,
reeving choker sling,tow starps,clover leaf sling ferreterro,end fittings ferreterro,
drum lifters ferreterro,Heat Resistant Slings ferreterro,glass lifting Sling ferreterro,
Rotomax belts,
Coil Lifting with FERRETEXX Sleeves Slings,
Simplex Webbing Slings,
Duplex Webbing Slings,
Quadriplex Flat Slings,
Multilayer Polyester Slings,
Flat Endless Slings,
Endless Round Slings,
Eye & Eye Round Slings,
Extreme Round Sling (Dyneema),
Advantages-Properties of Dyneema Slings,
Twin Path Round Slings,
Polyester Multileg Slings,
Black Belt Slings,
FIRST Slings,
Marshall Slings,
Anti Static Slings,
Heat Resistance Slings,
Premium Slings,
Ferreterro Ultra Slings,
FERRETEXX Coated Slings,
Reeving Slings,
Clover Leaf Slings ,
Drum Lifters ,
Glass Lifting /Adjustable Bridle Slings,
Compensation Chain,
Chain Slings,
One Way Slings,
Bag Slings/ Slings Mats,
Pipe Line Lifters,
Beam Clamp,
Plate Lifting Clamp,
Rail Lifting Clamp / Aluminium Lined Pipe Hook,
Steel Lined Choker Belts,
Chain Pulley Block,
Chain Pulley Block Model Gold-Silver,
Electric Trolley / Crane Load Cell,
Permanent Magnet Lifter / Beam Trolley,
Chain Electric Hoist ,
Ratchet Lever Hoist,
Pulling & Lifting Machine,
E.O.T. Cranes,
Ratchet Buckle,
End Fittings,
Pressed Steel Hooks,
Anchor Plate / Safety Hooks / Tracking Hooks / End Fittings for Side Curtains,
S Hooks / Snap Hooks,
Car Transporter Fittings,
Rave Hooks / Wire Hooks,
Cam Buckle,
Avaiation Fittings,
One Way Lashing Buckle & Hooks,
Corner Brace,
Cargo Bars,
Parting Wall Lock/ Cargo Planks,
Corner Guards,
Ratchet Lashing,
Car/ Automobile Lashing,
Winch Straps,
Dunnage Bag,
Cargo Nets,
D Shackles Nut Bolt Type,
D Shackles Screw Pin Type,
ANCHORE BOW Shackles Nut Bolt Type,
BOW Shackles Screw Pin Type,
Oblong Ring/ Master Link Assmebly,
Eye Hook/ Chain Link Connector,
Fork Lift Protection,
Forging and Precision Casting,
Animal lifters ( Cow, Camel, Elephant),
Web Ladders,
PPE (Safety Harness),
Tow Straps,

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